Judy Walling is the Acting Superintendent until a new Superintendent is hired.


Superintendent Search Process

On January 19, the Board hired Bob E. Griggs & Associates to assist them with the superintendent search process, which includes the development of procedures and timelines, selection criteria, advertising the position, recruitment and application procedures, assessment and screening procedures, interview and selection process, site visitations, public announcements and follow-up.

Proposed Timeline

January 19 - March 15 - Advertise the position on the Internet and other appropriate postings

February - Meet with MISD groups to receive input on superintendent profile
- Meet with Board to develop profile

March - April - Consultants screen, interview, and select candidates

April - Present candidates to Board and prepare for interview process
- Board interviews candidates
- Board visits candidates' school districts and debrief on visitation
- Board votes on lone finalist

May - Board meeting to approve the new superintendent's contract
- Superintendent begins contract on date designated by the Board

January 7, 2015
A district committee reviewed the superintendent search firm applicant submissions utilizing a rubric created by the District's legal counsel. The committee considered experience, the number of placements and the longevity of those placements, repeat customers, timeline for the actual search process, community involvement/input, and the follow-up/support provided by the entity.

November 17, 2014
The Board authorized the acting superintendent to go out for an RFQ soliciting superintendent search firms.




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