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From:Wednesday, April 24, 2002 12:51 AM -0500
Subject:Tech News: Spring 2002: Summer Course Offerings: Tech Plan 
Technology Staff Development:  We now have our Summer Technology Staff Development offerings online. The Staff Development books (that are passed out to each campus) will have more detail about the course offerings.  If we have some classes that overload, we will attempt to create another based on enrollment and resources.  There is also a possibility that some classes will not make depending on the numbers.  It is important that you sign up online and not through the campuses as it will be easier for us to adjust offerings.
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Technology Survey:  In order to get a good picture of computer expertise within the District, we have created a survey that will help us to determine the tech needs of our staff.  We will use this information to help in designing our technology staff development.  You do not get a grade for this.  ;-)  This will help us to help you.  It is only a short 10 question multiple choice survey.  It should only take a couple of minutes to complete.  Thank you for your time!
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The Staff Development Application and Technology Survey are only available online on our MISD Website and only from within the MISD network.  Neither of these are accessible outside of the schools.  This is done for security reasons.

5 Year Technology Plan: - Our new 5 Year Technology Plan is in the attachment above (5YearTechPlan.pdf).  You will need Acrobat Reader to view this file...  Acrobat Reader is now a standard portable document format for most operating systems.  If you have any trouble viewing this file, please let the technology support person at your campus know...  The plan is not set in stone and will continue to evolve year to year as new technology becomes available and within reach.  In other words, this plan will be used as a guide.  As you look over the 5 Year Plan, you will notice that the theme is technology integration and training. A lot of work went into this plan and the committee members are to be congratulated on a job well done...  The committee members including myself were:

Beth Van Amburgh        Carol McChesney Cherie Wagoner  
Dolores McClatchey      Jana Hathorne           Jeff Franz
Jerry Allen             Kim Domke               Nancy Bergvall  
Pam Norman              Robert Brown            Susie Dickard   

If you cannot view the 5 Year Plan, you probably need the Acrobat Reader program which I have also included as an attachment to this email. If you need help installing Acrobat Reader, ask a tech guru on your campus to give you some assistance... If you have a Windows computer and are unable to view the 5 Year plan, you will need to go the link below (by clicking on it) and install Acrobat Reader.

Cisco Academy Class:  The CCNA class recently completed setting up a new network at the Alternative School which include pulling and terminating 8 more drops.  If I would have sub contracted this out, it would have cost the District around $1600...  We only had the investment of materials involved which came to about $80...  This was good experience for them and they saved us some money in the process.  If you see any of these guys, give them a pat on the back...  

James Anglin, TJ Corley, Bo Devore, Ryan Gullett, Matthew Harang, Josh Herron, Blake Pender, Roneesh Vashisht.

New T1 Line:  We recently added another T1 line which basically doubles our bandwidth to the outside world.  We are still tweaking the settings to force the router to split requests between the two connections.  When we are finished, this should nearly double our present bandwidth to the outside world...

Virus Alert:  We have had several viruses detected coming in through email and I just wanted to caution you about opening up attachments when you are unsure who the sender is, or if you are not expecting attachments from the sender.  It is possible that one of your friends or family member's computer could automatically send you a message with an attachment without their knowledge and it could infect your Windows computer.  The good news is the Mac viruses are almost non existent so the Macintosh users are more protected.  If you have a Windows computer at home, I would highly recommend that you update your virus definition files and scan your hard drive.  Two of the most popular protection programs are Norton's AntiVirus and McAfee's.  

USB Microscope:  We are purchasing new USB microscopes that can be utilized by the COW's and any of the newer computers.  The microscopes enable you to view up to 200X the real time image on to your computer screen for all to see.  You can even take snapshots and print the images.  A tech person at your campus should be able give you further instruction.  We are going to add some more next year.

TIF Grant:  We are going after another TIF Grant!  This one predominantly benefits secondary schools as the grant application limited us to this area of instruction.  I am certain that they will include elementary in the next round.  We are looking to upgrade secondary teacher computers and secondary computer labs if we are approved.  Also, we budget money for staff development which will assist us in offering more training.  Kudos goes to Beth Van Amburgh for her grant writing expertise and assistance.  We should find out if we will receive assistance in May.

Firewall:  Now that we have our own Firewall protecting us from intruders from the outside world, we are requesting to be moved out of the Region 10 firewall network.  This should expedite changes that we have had to make in our network services and increase response time.  We will wait to make this change around the second week in June in order to limit disruptions in service during the school year.  Recent problems with our connectivity were caused by an upgrade at Region 10's network and new firewall.  

We have several ongoing projects in the works.  I want everyone to know that we do appreciate your patience as we have made a lot of changes this year within our network to prepare for future growth.  Have a great day!

Kirk Paschall
Director of Technology
Midlothian I. S. D.
100 Walter Stephenson Rd.
Midlothian, TX 76065
voice 972.775.8296
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