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From:Wednesday, October 15, 2003 6:35 PM -0500
Subject:New Web Filtering System Active 
Our new Web Filtering Appliance (called an iPrism) is now in place.  The pricing of this new system is much more competitive than WebSense, and it does not require the use of a stand alone application server (which we will now recover to use in other areas).  In fact, eWeek gave iPrism the highest rating against 5 other web filtering products in an impartial survey of it's readers.  

Now that is is in full production, we realize that there may be some sites that you used to browse that may not be accessible. There may even be those sites that should be or used to be blocked that may be accessible as we are in the process of matching our previous web filtering policy as closely as we can with the new system.  With this in mind, please closely monitor your students when online.  In fact, never fully depend on any web filter to totally protect your students, as there are 1000's of new uncategorized sites created every day that filters cannot protect you against until those sites are reported or scanned once.  Consider the use of web filters as a good faith effort to protect our students.

Notify us immediately if you stumble on an inappropriate site.  I trust your judgment as to what that may be.  If you think it is questionable, send us the link via email and we will take it from there.

Please, hold off notifying us of sites you cannot visit in this early adoption of the new filtering system. I think you will find this system more lenient overall initially.  Again, as always, I appreciate your patience!

Kirk Paschall
Director of Technology
Midlothian I. S. D.
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