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MISD students enjoyed face painting and games while at the "Live the Dream" Expo. This free event allows parents/caregivers an opportunity to explore services, transportation, therapies and more for their child with disabilities. Hosted by The Arc, Region 10 Education Service Center, area school districts and many student volunteers.


Life Planning for Families of Special Needs Seminar

Special guest presenter Michael Deguchi will hold a seminar about Life Planning for Families of Special Needs. The seminar titled “Guardianship” will be Monday, April 11, 2016 in the Board Room at the L.A. Mills Administration Building at 7:00pm.



Midlothian ISD strives to provide appropriate programs for all students. The principle upon which the programs are established can be stated thusly:

"Each student is entitled to educational opportunities appropriate with individual abilities and needs."

MISD provides facilities, personnel and supportive services to aid students in learning at the pace and in the manner most appropriate with their capabilities.

Dedicated educators continually strive to plan, establish and implement special education programs which meet the needs of the growing community. As the needs of the population change, MISD modifies programs to meet student needs.


Athletes with Special Needs

Contact Person: Austin Young, Email

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