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Architect: VLK Architects,

Contact: Leesa Vardeman, AIA, Principal

Construction Manager at Risk: Balfour Beatty Construction (formerly Charter Builders)


2011 Bond Package

On May 14, 2011, Midlothian ISD voters approved the district's $97.3 million bond package to build high school #2 (phase 1), elementary #7, and an addition to Frank Seale Middle School. 

Components of the Bond Package

High School #2 (Phase 1): $74,000,000

Elementary School #7: $20,500,000

Frank Seale Middle School addition: $2,800,000


Bond Finance

Financial Report

Download Fund 695 Report (As of Feb. 2015)

Check Registry

Download Fund 695 Report (As of Feb. 2015)

Bond Sales

September 13, 2011 - $26,800,000

September 29, 2011 - $50,000,000

Debt Service Book


Bond Oversight Committee 

A 2011 Bond Oversight Committee was created by the Midlothian ISD School Board as a testament to its commitment to financial transparency.

The two objectives of the committee are (1) monitor the use of school district funds in the 2011 bond building projects, and (2) receive information on all aspects of the 2011 bond building projects.



Schematic Design Team

Midlothian ISD has a Schematic Design Team in place for the 2011 Bond Projects. The purpose of the Schematic Design Team is to provide the architect (VLK) with its ideas about the design of high school #2 (Phase 1). Eventually, those ideas guide the architect in building a schematic design for the board's consideration. To date, the team has visited several high schools in the North Texas area. Members of the design team include, Mrs. Robin Bullock (Deputy Superintendent), Dr. Edd Bigbee (Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations), Mrs. Judy Walling (Assistant Superintendent of Learning), Dr. Al Hemmle (Midlothian High School Principal), Mr. Steve Keasler, (Athletic Director), Mrs. Melissa Wolfe (Director of Special Education), Mr. Kirk Paschall (Director of Technology), Mrs. Nancy Bergvall (Instructional Technology Coordinator), Mr. David Boswell (Director of Maintenance and Construction Projects), and Dr. Jerome Stewart (Superintendent).

Design Development Process

Design Development is the second phase of service an architect performs for its clients. This phase began in November 2011. It includes (1) Articulate every space within the building, (2) Include all built-in cabinets, millwork, and furnished equipment in the floor plan, (3) Locate and define all utility devices in each room, (4) Determine ceiling heights, (5) Identify all building materials and finishes, (6) Incorporate all building support areas into the overall square footage, (7) Determine all building systems, (8) Determine all floor-to-floor heights and massing, (9) Determine roof elevations and drainage concepts, (10) Develop schematic grading plans, (11) Design all exterior elevations, (12) Detail all site amenities (e.g., fencing, paving, sidewalks), (13) Prepare a cost estimate for the projects, (14) Prepare a code analysis, (15) Include all accessibility elements, and (16) Conduct a geotechnical analysis. 

This phase involves many MHS teachers and administrators. As experts in the use and utility of their rooms, work areas, and other areas, their suggestions are used in the design development of HS #2. 

This phase also includes administrators from Frank Seale Middle School. Their input is used to design the additions to FSMS. 

Preliminary Drawings: High School #2 (Phase 1 Site Plan)

Posted: April 18, 2012
  • hs2 footprint

    Site footprint

  • hs2 front view

    Front view

  • hs2 back view - library

    Back view (library)

  • hs2 fieldhouse north view

    North view of Field House

  • hs2 field house southview

    South view of Field House

On Monday, November 14, 2011, the Midlothian ISD School Board met and approved the schematic design concept (with some changes) for MISD’s High School #2, Phase 1. The above picture is a first look at the front entrance to High School #2, Phase 1.

Posted: November 11, 2011
  • hs2 front view
  • aerial site

UPDATE: On Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011, MISD finalized a ten-acre land purchase for High School #2 (see above). Funding for the purchase came from the 2004 Bond Program. As of this writing, the intended uses of the land are parking, with a marching band practice area, and part of the baseball field.

This view of High School #2, Phase 1, is a version of a proposed site plan. Some changes to the plan are anticipated.

For orientation purposes, north is the top of the page. FM 1387 (north on page) runs east and west. Walnut Grove (east side of page) runs north and south.

The main high school setting is on the east side of the property and the athletic fieldhouse and athletic fields are on the west.

As of now (November 16, 2011), the schedule is that construction start the summer of 2012, and that High School #2, Phase 1 is ready for occupation (no later than) the first day of the 2014-15 school year.

Construction Photos | Photo Gallery


Tax Information

How Much Does It Cost A Taxpayer?

Example: A homeowner with a $182,675 home value, after the state-mandated $15,000 exemption plus an additional 10% local exemption, will pay an increase of $212.91 per year if the May 2011 bond passes. See chart below for detailed tax impact.

Estimated Tax Increase

Homestead Value 2010-2011 2011-12 Projected without Bond 2011-12 with Bond Annual Monthly
$50,000 $0.3575 $0.4212 $0.5000 $42.75 $3.56
$100,000 $0.3575 $0.4212 $0.5000 $106.88 $8.91
$150,000 $0.3575 $0.4212 $0.5000 $171.00 $14.25
$182,675* $0.3575 $0.4212 $0.5000 $212.91 $17.74
$200,000 $0.3575 $0.4212 $0.5000 $235.13 $19.59
$250,000 $0.3575 $0.4212 $0.5000 $299.25 $24.94
$300,000 $0.3575 $0.4212 $0.5000 $363.38 $30.28
$350,000 $0.3575 $0.4212 $0.5000 $427.50 $35.63
$400,000 $0.3575 $0.4212 $0.5000 $491.63 $40.97

*Average home value in MISD

Based on current property value. Fluctuations in property value could cause variation in the I&S tax rate.


Exemption Information

Local Exemption
MISD is the only school district in Ellis County that provides an additional local 10% exemption.

State Exemption
Homeowners receive a $15,000 state exemption off of the property valuation. After these two deductions you get the taxable value for school taxes. These exemptions only apply to school taxes.

Over 65 and Disabled Homestead Exemption
For taxpayers who are 65 years of age or older, and the disabled, the May 2011 bond package will not increase the school property tax.

Homeowners must apply for the Over 65 or Disabled Homestead Exemption with the Ellis Central Appraisal District. 

Letter from Ellis County Appraisal District





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