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2011 AYP Ratings released

Posted: August 18, 2011

The Texas Education Agency released Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) ratings for districts and campuses across the state.  Districts, campuses, and the state are required to meet AYP criteria on three measures:  Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics and either Graduation Rate (for high schools and districts) or Attendance Rate (for elementary and middle/high schools).

In the 2009-2010 school year, the passing standards were 73% for reading and 67% for math.  For the 2011 ratings, the standards increased to 80% of all students and student groups in Reading TAKS and 75% of all students and student groups in Math TAKS in order to earn the “Meets AYP” label.  In the upcoming 2011-2012 school year, the passing standards will be 87% for reading and 83% for math.

The 2011 AYP ratings:

District Missed AYP - Reading/Math (performance)
Midlothian High School Missed AYP - Math (performance)
Frank Seale Middle School Meets AYP
Walnut Grove Middle School Meets AYP
J.A. Vitovsky Elementary Meets AYP
J.R. Irvin Elementary Meets AYP
LaRue Miller Elementary Meets AYP
Longbranch Elementary Meets AYP
Mt. Peak Elementary Meets AYP
T.E. Baxter Elementary Meets AYP


The TEA AYP State Summary Table (preliminary) reports that 49.3% of all districts missed AYP.

One factor contributing to some districts and campuses not meeting AYP this year is the elimination of the Texas Projection Measure (TPM) for ratings purposes.  The TEA developed TPM as a growth measure and permitted its use in its federal state accountability systems.  The TPM allowed schools and districts to receive credit for students who did not meet passing standards on state tests but who demonstrated they were projected to pass in a subsequent year.

Because this is the first year the district did not meet AYP, it will not trigger school improvement status.  Read more at the TEA website.

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